Our primary goal here at Countryside is to see everyone grow in their faith. But what does that mean, and how do we do it?
The path to mature adulthood requires good modeling and instruction. The same is true for growth in the Christian life. We have a perfect model and instructor in Jesus Christ, and everything we need to know about him and learn from him is faithfully recorded in the Bible. The Bible is God’s word to us concerning the person and work of Christ, and it’s the manual for life.
So listening and responding to God’s Word on our own and especially in the company of other Christians is an important habit of the Christian life. The Sunday worship service is the primary venue, but there are a variety of additional ways to engage with God’s Word at Countryside:

Adult Bible StudyBible Studies
We have lots of opportunities to study the Bible in groups. It’s a great way to learn and grow in community with others. We offer studies for men, women, couples, young adults and mixed groups. Most of these group sessions run about six weeks, so you can pretty much jump in at any time.

121 Bible1-2-1 Bible Reading
Groups are great, but they’re not for everyone. Maybe you have a crazy schedule, or maybe you’d rather keep it simple. 1-2-1 Bible reading is about as simple as it gets – two people reading through the Bible together and talking about it. You set the time and place. Meet as often as you like. If that sounds more like your cup of tea (or coffee!) email Pastor Peter and he can match you up with someone who would love to read the Bible with you.

Target MinistriesLife-Stage Groups
Are you struggling to get out of debt? Or maybe you’re a new adoptive parent. We offer life-stage groups that can help give guidance, comfort, or just someone else to talk to who’s gone through the same thing. Financial Peace University, Adoption & Foster Care Connection Parent Support, and Buddy Break Respite are just a few of the targeted ministry groups that meet throughout the year. You can find out when they meet next by going to our church calendar.

Want to find out more about growing in your faith? Just email us at