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    03.19.20 |

    There are lots of great ways to help during this crisis. We are so encouraged to see our Countryside family excited to share God’s love by stepping up to help during this difficult time. There are so many to serve even while practicing Social Distancing. Here are just a few that we can all consider:

    Show that you are grateful - We are all tremendously grateful to the people serving on the frontlines of COVID-19 in essential services. This includes healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, delivery drivers, pastors, care volunteers, and so many more.

    Voice your gratitude - Small acts of kindness can go a long way right now. And saying a simple “thanks” is one of the easiest things you can do any time you walk through the checkout line.

    Now, more than ever, don’t rush that gesture. Make eye contact, and let them know that you really value what they do. Here are places to start:

    “I realize how hard you’re working, and I just want to say thank you.”

    “It’s people like you who are helping me get through this. Thank you for showing up today.”

    "I know these are challenging times, and I just want to let you know how grateful I am for you."

    “I appreciate you and all that you do.”

    Writing Thank You cards -  It seems “old fashioned” these days but it is appreciated now more than ever. Pick up some generic “Thank You” cards at the store or here at Countryside and write a note of thanks to the people who are helping us all survive during this stressful time. Health experts say the risk of COVID-19 infection from envelopes or packages is very low. Although, if you want to pair it with a bottle of hand sanitizer, that’s a gift most front-line workers would welcome.

    Donating Non-perishable Food – Countryside is a valuable partner with Willowbrook Food Pantry. We are in constant communication with them and they count on us to help meet their growing needs. As those needs change, we will update the list below in hopes that our church family will help fill those needs.
    This week’s needs include:

    • Canned tomatoes
    • Pasta sauce
    • Tuna
    • Pasta

    If you have these items to donate, you can drop them off at Countryside using our “no contact” food box outside the office front door. Food donations are picked up each Friday.

    "Hey Neighbor" Program - We've started a little grass-roots campaign to help the people that live closest to us in our neighborhoods. It's a simple way to show the love of Christ to those who live nearest to us. Click here to get the instructions and download the flyer to hand out. We can't think of an easier way to "love your neighbor."

    COVID-19 Response Fund - If you are stuck at home but still want to help out in this time of crisis, consider donating to the church's COVID-19 Response Fund. Our Care Team has been inundated with requests from our church family and the community for help and support. Some of these requests simply require a helping hand, but many of them have a financial component. It is for that reason that we set up the COVID-19 Response Fund. This way, we can pull together as a church to address the specific hardships caused by this crisis. We've been able to help so many within our church body and in our community. Click here to donate to the fund.

    Join the Isaiah Team - This team is made up of people who are willing to share the love of Jesus with the community from time to time. As a member, you will be notified when a need arises, and if you are in a position to help, you simply respond to the message. Our chuch family has really stepped up in this area so we currently have more team members than needs, so be patient as you wait for a need to arise that is a good fit for you. Remember, this is one of our church's most important ministries. Our community is counting on the caring people who call Countryside their church home.  

    I Can Help

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