Sunday School at Home!

Our littlest ones experience the love of Jesus through the care and attention of our nursery ministry team. We strive to nurture the youngest among us in a safe, warm environment – a place that communicates God’s love through joyful interaction, gentle patience, and encouraging words.

Preschool kids explore the Bible through stories which depict God’s love and instruction. They gain skill and confidence through interactive play and crafts. Age appropriate activities are designed to promote listening skills and cooperation, while high value is placed on the fun factor of learning and interacting with friends. Each week is full of objects for kids to touch, wild and wiggly activities to get them moving, crafts they will love and real life situations they can relate to.  

Paul and Barnabas - This week (5/3/20), we are talking about missionaries. In our last video, we talked about finding ways in your home or around your home of sharing Gods love. These are all ways that we can be missionaries right in our home.  Click here for this week's Sunday School video where Paul and Barnabas travel all around telling people about God and Jesus. We also have a song to sing. Let's put into practice what we learned today from our story and bible verse and sing this song together.... Tell the World about Jesus

Paul and Silas - Today (5/10/20) we're going to talk about the next chapter of Paul's journey, this time with a man named Silas.  You can click here to hear more of the story... 

I found another song this week that was from this last summers VBS called "I will not be afraid". Click here to sing along.

Paul Travels to Athens - This week (5/16/20) we are continuing our missionary journey with Paul as he travels to Athens and tells people about God and Jesus. Click here to hear our story.  

When you're done with the story, click here to sing along with a song about sharing the message of Jesus! 

Paul And Silas Sing Praises to God - Today (5/24/20) we are talking about Paul and Silas in jail. Paul and Silas loved Jesus and loved singing praises to God even when they were in jail.
Click here to hear the story.

Peter and Cornelius - Today (5/31/20) we are moving along with our story of where Peter and Cornelius meet, and Peter talks to Cornelius about Jesus. Click here for the story.

And here's a fun music video to watch with your kiddos!

Samual in the Tabernacle - (6/7/20) We have finished our spring series and are moving into a whole new unit.  We’re starting in 1 Samuel with the story of Hannah and how she prayed for a son. God answered her prayer. Click here to hear the story. 

This week's song is out of the first four verses of Psalm 95! SING FOR JOY. Click here for the video with hand motions!

The People Sang - (6/14/20) We are continuing our journey on worshiping God. Today we are in Ezra 2 and how they worshiped God after they built the foundation of the temple in Jerusalem. Click here to see the video.

Click here for another song from Seeds Family Worship for you to sing together.  

People Prayed for Peter - Today (6/21/20) we are continuing talking about worshiping God. We are practicing our verse, Psalm 95:6. Come Let Us Worship God. 
In our bible story today, we'll see how God helped Peter when his friends prayed for him.  Click here to see today's bible story. 
I also found a new song that helps us sing about praying to God. Click here to see the video. It's called "I will Pray."

The Antioch Church Helped - This week (6/28/20) we are talking about how to worship God through helping people and giving to the church. 

Barnabas travels to Antioch to teach people in the church about helping others and gets to help another church in Judea. Click here for the bible story. Click here for a fun song to sing together.

Gideon Obeys God- Today (7/5/20) we are talking about Gideon and the good choice he made and how he was able to defeat the Midianites with God by his side.  Click HERE for the story. 

As I was looking up some videos on YouTube, I found this fun puppet show of the story we talked about today. You can also click here to see that.  

Finally, you can click here for today's sing with us video!

Mary Showed Love to Jesus - Today (7/18/20) we are talking about LOVE! Specifically about a time where Mary, one of Jesus’s friends, LOVED Jesus. 
Click here for the Bible story.
Let’s get our wiggles on and sing one of my favorite songs together.
Click here for today’s music.

The Good Samaritan - Today, (7/26/20) we are going to be talking about the story of a man who was kind. We all know him as the Good Samaritan. Click here for the bible story. 
I also found a fun song we can sing together about being the hands and feet of Jesus and being a good Samaritan. Click here for the song.


Elementary kids experience opening activities that begin their Sunday morning with interaction and creativity in a fun, inclusive environment. Young readers begin to gain skills in navigating God’s word and continue to explore the great stories and characters of the Bible. Children begin to explore more personal application from these lessons, and work to commit scripture to memory. Click here to download this week's handouts.

Maundy Thursday Family Worship Experience - Take your family on a journey through the evening of the Last Supper. Click here to download the pdf with all the instructions.

Sing-along with Eric - Every Praise is the perfect song to sing with your kids this Easter season. Click here to sing along with our Worship Director, Eric. If you're really musical you can download the chords and play along!

An Easter Story Play - One of our favorite Sunday School Teachers and Story Tellers, Teresa Klepenger, tells the Easter Story and then leads you through an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Click here to see the video and decide what role you want to play in your own Easter story play!

The Road to Emmaus - This week we are talking about the Road to Emmaus and the conversation two men had with who they thought was a stranger but really was Jesus himself! Click here to see Teacher Christa and her amazing helpers share this wonderful story.

Oh Happy Day - Jesus is Alive - Click here for an amazing video of kids singing about the risen Christ! (See if you can learn the motions from watching the video.)


TREK Kids is our mid-week program for kids, K-5th grades, that runs during the school year. Each week we’ll be exploring God’s word -the Bible- through exciting games, engaging videos, and more! Bring your friends and make new ones! Wednesday evenings, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Register today (you can join any time during the school year) by clicking here!

Summer Camp


Summer is a great time for our Children’s Ministry! We kick off summer with a week at Camp Tilikum, a day camp just outside Newberg. Our kids get to unplug from technology, experience creation, establish friendships, learn about God through the wonders of nature. 

Vacation Bible School

In July we launch our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) – a week full of crazy games, fun crafts, rockin’ music, and relevant Bible stories. Whatever the theme, your kids will end the week knowing and loving God more!

Click here for info on this year's VBS.


Buddy Break

Buddy Break is a free kids/respite program where children with special needs (VIP kids) make new friends, play fun games, enjoy crafts, therapy dogs, stories, music activities, and more! Siblings have fun too! Meanwhile, their caregivers get a break from their ongoing care-giving responsibilities for three hours. Buddy Break is open to church members and non-church members with VIP kids. Each VIP kid is paired one-on-one with a screened volunteer “Buddy” to participate in that day’s activities.