Sunday School at Home!

Our littlest ones experience the love of Jesus through the care and attention of our nursery ministry team. We strive to nurture the youngest among us in a safe, warm environment – a place that communicates God’s love through joyful interaction, gentle patience, and encouraging words.

Preschool kids explore the Bible through stories which depict God’s love and instruction. They gain skill and confidence through interactive play and crafts. Age appropriate activities are designed to promote listening skills and cooperation, while high value is placed on the fun factor of learning and interacting with friends. Each week is full of objects for kids to touch, wild and wiggly activities to get them moving, crafts they will love and real life situations they can relate to.   


The Good Samaritan - Today, (7/26/20) we are going to be talking about the story of a man who was kind. We all know him as the Good Samaritan. Click here for the bible story. 
I also found a fun song we can sing together about being the hands and feet of Jesus and being a good Samaritan. Click here for the song.

God Made the Animals - Today (8/9/20), I’ll introduce the kids to my dogs Sadie and Max and talk about how God made all the animals big and small. Creation is one of my favorite stores... Click here for today’s video!

God Made You! - Today (8/15/20) we are learning that God made YOU and all of the people. YOU are wonderfully made! (Psalms 139:14) You are a gift from God and Jesus loves you so much. Click here for today’s bible story
Here is another fun cartoon video that goes along with our story!  

Here are some fun songs you can sing together as a family, Creation Song, God Made Them All, and God of Creation. 

God Made Families - (8/28/20) FAMILY! That is what we are talking about today. God made families so special. God created a family just for you. Today, we are talking about the first family God created. Click here for today's Sunday School video. 
If you would like to join in on some music together as a FAMILY these are some songs you might recognize.  
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
The Butterfly Song
Deep and Wide

Joseph Loved His Brothers - This week (8/30/20) we are talking about being kind to one another and talking about a time when some brothers were not very kind to their youngest brother. We are talking about Joseph. Click here for the story...

Elementary kids experience opening activities that begin their Sunday morning with interaction and creativity in a fun, inclusive environment. Young readers begin to gain skills in navigating God’s word and continue to explore the great stories and characters of the Bible. Children begin to explore more personal application from these lessons, and work to commit scripture to memory. 


TREK Kids is our mid-week program for kids, K-5th grades, that runs during the school year. Each week we’ll be exploring God’s word -the Bible- through exciting games, engaging videos, and more! Bring your friends and make new ones! Wednesday evenings, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Register today (you can join any time during the school year).

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Summer Camp


Summer is a great time for our Children’s Ministry! We kick off summer with a week at Camp Tilikum, a day camp just outside Newberg. Our kids get to unplug from technology, experience creation, establish friendships, learn about God through the wonders of nature. 

Vacation Bible School

In July we launch our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) – a week full of crazy games, fun crafts, rockin’ music, and relevant Bible stories. Whatever the theme, your kids will end the week knowing and loving God more!


Buddy Break

Buddy Break is a free kids/respite program where children with special needs (VIP kids) make new friends, play fun games, enjoy crafts, therapy dogs, stories, music activities, and more! Siblings have fun too! Meanwhile, their caregivers get a break from their ongoing care-giving responsibilities for three hours. Buddy Break is open to church members and non-church members with VIP kids. Each VIP kid is paired one-on-one with a screened volunteer “Buddy” to participate in that day’s activities.



Wednesday, December 02, 2020
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