What a Friend We Have in Jesus


"It's like living in a weird movie!"  I've heard that, and felt it, more than once this past week.  As of this writing I now know of at least five people suffering from the virus and dozens or more being impacted by the economic fallout.  The thoughts and fears surrounding it all are almost impossible to tune out.

 But God says to "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

 Even in the midst of this?  Of course...especially in the midst of this and times like it.

 So what am I thankful for today?

  •  Health, relative wealth, and safety
  • My kids all at home and spending more time together
  • My family in Jesus Christ at Countryside Community Church
  • Extra time to read, pray, reach out to people that maybe I haven't connected with in a long time
  • A new awareness of how fragile our lives are and how futile hope in anything but Jesus is

What's your list?  I'm trying to add to mine regularly to keep my mind focused on giving thanks instead of giving in to despair.

 Oh, and I'm thankful for one more thing.  I've attached a video (it is a reduced size for easier download) of a treasure that I uncovered while cleaning my garage.  It's an old jewelry case and music box, and it looks like junk to the unknowing eyes.  But I've played it on a dozen or more occasions in my life, and when you hear the simple melody on the video you'll know why.  In my eyes, it is filled with Grandma's jewelry sitting on her dresser in her bedroom.  I remember winding it up when I was barely tall enough to see over the edge.  For decades it has been for me (and probably for decades before for her and others) a reminder of faith, hope, love and the legacy in my family of following Jesus.  I hope that it will bless you too.

 One day this crisis will be a part of history, but what will remain, especially in the minds and hearts of our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who are watching will be how we responded.  I'm still playing my grandma's music box forty years later, and telling the story to my kids.  How will today's young generation remember us during our time of crisis?  

 I want it to be a memory of faith, hope and love, and I'm praying for us all to have the power and strength to live that out.

May God bless you my friends,
Pastor Mike