How to fight a Roaring Lion

Series: 1 Peter - The Making of a Mature Disciple

How to fight a Roaring Lion

June 09, 2024 | Mike Matousek
Peter ends his letter to the suffering and persecuted Christians with a vivid warning that can often seem out of place to modern ears. He compares the devil to a "roaring lion" looking to "devour" us. How do we remain vigilant? How do we fight back? The parting words of this book provide those answers.


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We likely have more content on the beginning, middle and end of Peter's life as a disciple of Jesus than we do on any other apostle.  Which brings a richness to his themes of being chosen, identity, suffering, submission and humility.  We are told this book was written to encourage and to testify to the true grace of God (1 Peter 5:12).  1 Peter was greatly needed to strengthen a church going through horrific persecution, but also serves as great encouragement to us as we become fully devoted followers of Christ.

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